Nothing brings us greater joy here at OvuSense, than hearing how we have played a role in helping women become pregnant or grow their family. We understand how difficult and sometimes heartbreaking TTC can be, especially when you’re dealing with unanswered questions. That’s why our mission is to provide women with key information that they need to learn more about their bodies and cycles. 

OvuFirst is a skin-worn ovulation sensor that confirms ovulation with over 90% accuracy. By measuring the skin’s temperature, the sensor detects changes in your ovulation cycle to help women learn more about their unique cycles. Below, we’re sharing the firsthand experiences of two women within the TTC community who became pregnant using OvuFirst, as well as one physician assistant who always recommends OvuFirst to clients.

Emily’s Long-Awaited Journey to Pregnancy

Emily had been trying to conceive for four years. Since experiencing miscarriages in 2018, she had not been able to become pregnant, and a recent PCOS diagnosis complicated matters further. For Emily, every passing month felt harder and harder. Finally, when she was at her wits end, she was introduced to OvuFirst. Then, after just one month of using the device, Emily became pregnant! 

"I conceived on my first cycle of using OvuFirst after 4 years of TTC. It was really comfortable to use and after the first day, I forgot I even had it on. I recommended it to anyone who wants to understand their cycle more."

Emily welcomed her perfect little baby boy in July of 2022. 

Madison’s BFP with Her Second Child

After using OvuCore for several months and loving it, Madison was very excited to try out OvuFirst. She found it to be highly accurate, just like OvuCore, and it gave her peace of mind that she wouldn’t be missing her ovulation. 

“My experience with the wearable device did not disappoint! It’s comfortable to wear throughout the night and the chart in the app is easy to read. Overall, I was very pleased with the OvuFirst!" 

With the cycle tracking information provided to her through OvuFirst, Madison was overjoyed when she finally got her BFP! 

A Physician Assistant, Hina, Recommends OvuFirst to Patients

As a medical professional, Hina encourages women to take charge of their fertility journey by becoming informed about their unique cycle. She shared her own positive experience with the device:  

“I love how easy and comfortable OvuFirst is,” Hina shared. “OvuFirst gave me a non-invasive way to collect data and see trends to better understand my personal health. By growing your product line to now include OvuFirst - I’m excited to see how many future women’s lives can be positively impacted by this of all ages!”

She continued by giving her own unique perspective as a certified physician assistant with the device:

“As a medical provider, this is a wonderful resource for women to understand and take control of their health.”

Start Your Journey with OvuFirst Today! 

Learning more about their cycle is what helped both Madison and Emily to conceive! OvuFirst is a great tool for anyone, from those just trying to track their cycle to those struggling to conceive and wanting to grow their family. Get started tracking your cycle today with OvuFirst