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OvuFirst helps you take control of your fertility journey.

Natural Cycle on the OvuSense App

Trying to conceive naturally?

OvuFirst is clinically proven to be the most accurate wearable fertility tracker on the market.

PCOS on the OvuSense App

Trying to understand your cycle?

OvuFirst provides an exact understanding of your individual ovulation pattern.

OvuSense Pro Laptop

Trying to learn more?

Our AI-powered Pro technology can help you dive deeper with diet and medication tracking. .

Easy To Use


Place Sensor

Slide sensor under the wrist or arm band provided free of charge with your pack.



Wear it while you sleep.


Download and Learn

Hold the sensor near the back of your phone and download in the OvuSense App.

Real life success stories from OvuFirst users


Accuracy and Comfort

My experience with OvuFirst did not disappoint! It was highly accurate, and gave me peace of mind that I wouldn’t be missing my ovulation. It’s comfortable to wear throughout the night and the chart in the app is easy to read.




It helped me in my journey to conceive and taught me so much about my body that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. I always recommend it to people on their TTC journey because it was such a huge stress reliever for me during that time and helped SO much. We’re so excited for the next chapter in our lives!



Taking Control

I love how easy and comfortable OvuFirst is to use. As a medical provider, this is a wonderful resource women to understand and take control of their health.


What makes the OvuFirst fertility monitor different?

Messy Strips and Chart

No mess, No confusion

No messy urine strips, no confusing charts with multiple parameters, and no remembering to test.

1 in 1000 Degree Resolution

1/1000th degree resolution

Helps you understand continuous progesterone levels using OvuSense patented technology.

Clinically proven

Clinically proven

With higher accuracy than any other wearable, OvuFirst gives you up to 2 days more each cycle when you can get pregnant.

Measure what matters

Pay the way you want

The option to buy monthly until you get pregnant, with a 90 day ovulation promise money back guarantee.

Works For All Cycle Types

Works for all cycle types

Using the OvuFirst sensor, the OvuSense App clearly tells you exactly when to try and conceive, putting you in control.

10 months quicker

Save time to conception

Get pregnant faster than with other devices.

Still not sure where to start?

At viO HealthTech, we have years of experience of helping women just like you:

OvuSense works for all cycle types
If you want to learn about the science and validation behind our products, check out our Clinical Proof page
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For real-life stories from our users and essential information from fertility experts, read the OvuSense Fertility and Ovulation Blog
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