We are thrilled to share some exciting news - OvuFirst was recently the subject of a detailed clinical study published in Frontiers. The OvuFirst skin-worn sensor, which confirms the fertile window with over 90% accuracy, was the subject of a detailed clinical study run over the past two years examining how the OvuFirst technology supports women’s health by identifying and confirming the fertile window, ovulation, and potential absence of ovulation. Crucially it looked at this in a study population that reported whether they have ovulatory issues, making it the first clinical study to our knowledge that looks at fertility technology for those that most need it rather than excluding them as is normally the case. Frontiers, the publisher of peer-reviewed, scientific journals focusing on science, technology, and medicine, published the study in the special women’s health topic of its bioengineering and biotechnology journal. 

About the Study 

As part of the study, 80 participants were followed for a total of 205 reproductive cycles. Participants used OvuFirst in conjunction with its sister sensor, OvuCore, a vaginally-worn sensor that confirms ovulation with 99% accuracy. Side-by-side results were then compared to prove OvuFirst’s accuracy in determining someone’s fertile window, ovulation, and potential anovulation. These are then compared in a literature review contained in a supplement with published studies showing the accuracy of competitive devices. 

From day one, clinical research has been at the heart of viO HealthTech’s mission, which aims to expand digital solutions to offer personalized support for common women’s health issues from puberty to menopause. OvuFirst is the key technology enabling these digital therapeutic offerings to launch over the next two years. 

CEO Rob Milnes, who has been impacted by women’s health issues firsthand, calls the publication of this study an important milestone in proper clinical evidence for women’s health digital health solutions, proving the accuracy of skin-worn sensors and providing a better understanding of reproductive cycles.

“This study outlines how our unique algorithms and AI are capable of helping women that have atypical cycle patterns due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, hypothyroidism, and late ovulation. Its publication in Frontiers, the 3rd most-cited and 6th largest research publisher and open science platform in the world, further solidifies the work that we’re doing in breaking new ground in women’s health.”

About OvuFirst 

OvuFirst is designed to measure skin temperature on the underside of the wrist, or under the armpit using a specially designed range of bands. It provides women with an understanding of when to try and conceive and helps determine what issues they may be having during the process of starting or growing a family. Building on our revolutionary OvuCore technology proven in over 230,000 cycles of use and 10 patents, we were able to develop and test OvuFirst to be the most accurate skin sensor available on the market. 

Women wear the sensor overnight and it will confirm the fertile window with over 90% accuracy.  That provides 2-3 days more accurate understanding of ovulation, meaning it can help women to conceive up to 10 months faster than other devices. OvuFirst uses the OvuSense App with proprietary algorithms and AI to process data, provide real-time ovulation confirmation, and provide a full 8-day fertile window at the start of each cycle.

Who Should Use OvuFirst?

OvuFirst is perfect for women who are interested in learning more about their cycle with regular cycles. It works for women that want to monitor their ovulation and cycles in a convenient, easy-to-use way, or women who are beginning their journey to start or grow their family.

​​Hina Mazharuddin, a certified physician assistant who has used OvuFirst, feels that the sensor is a wonderful resource for all women to understand their unique reproductive cycle pattern and feel empowered to take control of their health. 

“I love how easy and comfortable OvuFirst is,” Hina shared. “OvuFirst gave me a non-invasive way to collect data and see trends to better understand my personal health. I’m excited to see how many future women’s lives can be positively impacted by this – of all ages!”

Try OvuFirst Today!

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Check out the OvuFirst study in Frontiers, here!