viO is elated to have been awarded Best Women's Health Technology Solution in the Health Tech Digital Awards 2022. The company is recognized for its ability to empower women, no matter where they are on their health journey, with real-time information that helps women and their clinicians to make life-changing decisions.

Built on the real-life experiences of those who use our OvuSense family of Class II fertility monitoring devices, the viO platform equips women with real-time actionable health knowledge to improve outcomes. OvuSense has helped thousands of women worldwide to conceive, but many more still want to take control of their cycles even if they need to move into clinical treatment. In this way, it’s a completely unique bridge between home monitoring and the clinic.

With a range of ultra-high resolution sensors, an information-rich medical device app and clinician remote monitoring portal already on the market, the viO platform is designed to help women manage the major issues of conception, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), miscarriage and pregnancy risk, endometriosis, and menopause.

As the first stage in the viO platform, OvuSense has already enabled thousands of women to conceive despite having common conditions such as PCOS, which make conception much more difficult. It does this by providing an accurate understanding of the fertile window (improving the chances of natural conception), screening for ovulatory and other health issues, and monitoring for the effects of dietary change and treatment. The rest of the viO offerings will be rolled out as digital companion diagnostics over the next two years. 

How OvuCore Helped Beya Feel Empowered & Achieve Her Fertility Goals 

Beya, who has PCOS, adenomyosis, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and a blocked right Fallopian tube, had been trying to conceive for 21 long years. Because of these things, it was difficult to track her ovulation with oral BBT and OPKs. As she began to approach 40, she was concerned that she may not be able to conceive. Then she discovered OvuSense. 

“By using OvuSense, I gained a lot of insight on my temps and tracking and being mindful of my body and that I in fact was NOT broken as I had assumed for so long,” said Beya. “This is my 3rd cycle with OvuSense and my miracle has finally come true. I’m sharing here to 1. Give everyone trying some hope - I have only been pregnant once in my life and I didn’t carry to term. That was 21yrs ago! So it finally did happen for me! 2. Because since we haven’t shared the news with family and friends aside from one who’s a nurse when I was having severe sharp pains and cramps, I had to share my joy with all you amazing people!”

Read more on Beya’s journey to learning more information about her health and ultimately becoming pregnant with OvuSense. 

Congratulations to All Award Winners!

The Health Tech Digital Awards recognizes the best healthcare technologies of the year and is hosted by Health Tech Digital, a UK-based online magazine & newsletter covering healthcare technology, digital health, and technology news. Congratulations to all the winners!