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Real-life stories from viO users and essential information from women's health experts

  1. TTC and Stress

    Guest Blog: 3 Key Strategies to Managing Stress While Trying to Conceive

    Without a doubt, trying to conceive (TTC) can be stressful. Sadly, those struggling during this time have reported elevated levels of anxiety and depression. That being said, there are many ways to help manage stress that can bring the enjoyment back to TTC. In this blog, we're sharing three ways to prioritize mental well-being while TTC. 

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  2. Health Advocate

    How to Be your Own Health Advocate in 4 Simple Steps

    Even though we know it can feel overwhelming, keeping up with regular appointments and screenings is vital to your overall health, as they can help to spot potential problems or issues earlier rather than later. In addition, taking care of your emotional and mental health is just as important! In this blog, we’re breaking down some steps to help you prioritize your physical and mental health. 

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  3. Is The Pandemic Impacting Your Cycle? Here’s How Tracking Can Help

    Is The Pandemic Impacting Your Cycle? Here’s How Tracking Can Help

    Is your cycle unpredictable these days – showing up early or late, or skipping a month at a time? If you’ve noticed a change (or changes!) to your menstrual cycle over the past two years, you’re not alone! This makes sense, of course, as the pandemic has brought unbelievable stress into our lives, which as we know, can have an impact on our cycles.

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