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viO Women's Health Blog

Real-life stories from viO users and essential information from women's health experts

  1. Health Advocate

    How to Be your Own Health Advocate in 4 Simple Steps

    Even though we know it can feel overwhelming, keeping up with regular appointments and screenings is vital to your overall health, as they can help to spot potential problems or issues earlier rather than later. In addition, taking care of your emotional and mental health is just as important! In this blog, we’re breaking down some steps to help you prioritize your physical and mental health. 

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  2. OvuSense Family

    viO HealthTech CEO Rob Milnes Talks to Healthcare Digital About Empowering Women with Advanced Technology

    viO HealthTech CEO Rob Milnes recently spoke with Healthcare Digital about how viO’s fertility technology provides women with key information about their bodies and improves their chances of getting pregnant. 

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  3. National Rainbow Baby Day

    51 Uplifting Quotes in Honor of National Rainbow Baby Day

    National Rainbow Baby Day, which is held on August 22, 2022, honors those who have experienced loss and celebrates babies who have arrived after a storm. Whether you have a rainbow baby, are expecting one, or are wishing with your whole heart for one — we’re sharing 51 rainbow baby quotes to fill your heart with hope. 

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  4. viO HealthTech Receives Health Tech Digital Award

    viO HealthTech Recognized as Best Women's Health Technology Solution in the Health Tech Digital Awards

    viO is elated to have been awarded Best Women's Health Technology Solution in the Health Tech Digital Awards 2022. The company is recognized for its ability to empower women, no matter where they are on their health journey, with real-time information that helps women and their clinicians to make life-changing decisions.

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  5. OvuFirst featured in Frontiers

    OvuFirst Study Proving Clinical Accuracy Published in Frontiers

    We are thrilled to share some exciting news - OvuFirst was recently the subject of a detailed clinical study published in Frontiers. The skin-worn sensor was the subject of a detailed clinical study examining how the OvuFirst technology supports women’s health by identifying and confirming the fertile window, ovulation, and potential absence of ovulation. 

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  6. viO HealthTech Prioritizes Your Privacy

    Your Privacy is viO HealthTech’s Priority 

    In light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, we understand that many of you have privacy concerns about your current reproductive health journey. We believe your tracked health data is yours alone and promise we will never share your personal information without your permission. Keep reading to hear from viO’s CEO Rob Milnes and CTO Al Pirrie on some of the top questions on people’s minds. 


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  7. Male Fertility Journey

    3 Ways Men Can Participate in a Fertility Journey

    Since nearly half of all infertility is traced back to the male factor, men play an important role in our fertility journeys. Luckily, there are things that men can do to help improve their fertility and overall health Whether the man in your life is hoping to become a first-time dad, wanting to grow your family, or simply learn more about his and your family’s overall health, we’re sharing some tips to help support you both on your journey. 

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  8. How Fitness Benefits Fertility and Mind

    Guest Blog: How Fitness Benefits Your Fertility and Mind

    Maria, a personal trainer who has PCOS, struggled with fertility issues for some time before she was ultimately blessed with two beautiful children. Now, she is sharing her experience incorporating fitness into her fertility journey. Check out this guest blog to learn what lessons Maria is sharing, including why working out is also important for your mental health. 

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  9. Is The Pandemic Impacting Your Cycle? Here’s How Tracking Can Help

    Is The Pandemic Impacting Your Cycle? Here’s How Tracking Can Help

    Is your cycle unpredictable these days – showing up early or late, or skipping a month at a time? If you’ve noticed a change (or changes!) to your menstrual cycle over the past two years, you’re not alone! This makes sense, of course, as the pandemic has brought unbelievable stress into our lives, which as we know, can have an impact on our cycles.

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  10. Endometriosis Awareness

    Speaking Out in Honor of Endometriosis Awareness

    We honor endometriosis awareness as a way to raise awareness of a disease that affects an estimated 200 million women worldwide. At OvuSense and viO HealthTech, we strive to bring a voice to women who are looking to take control over their health. In our latest blog, we’re sharing some information around endometriosis, including what the condition is and what symptoms to watch for, as well as hearing from some members of our community.

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